Welcome to my online portfolio.

My name is Ben Holmes, and I am a professional software engineer and freelancer based in London, UK.

I have been creating software for over 12 years, specialising in website design and development, desktop tools, games and mobile applications. I have been involved in many different types of projects through all stages of the development cycle, from initial requirements gathering to interface design to technical implementation to documentation and project delivery. I also have experience with tutoring individuals on practical software engineering skills and training groups to use bespoke software tools and platforms.

If you have a project in mind, feel free to get in contact, even if you are just seeking advice. I have a large amount of general technical knowledge, including but not limited to user interface design, user experience design, system architectures, security, SEO, computer graphics, mobile applications, onboarding, social networks, startup culture, software as a service, ecommerce, desktop tools, networks, AWS, cloud computing, application programming interfaces, requirements gathering, testing, consulting and more.

For freelance and contracting enquiries please get in touch via e-mail.

E: [b] at [bdholmes] dot [com]
T: Ask